Sarah Reth

"I hate you, Donald! Never come back again, because you shall die!"                    - Sarah, screaming at Donald to die.

Sarah Reth is Riley and Angie's mother. She doesn't spend much time with her daughters anymore, because she suspects them to be Donald's children. They stay with someone else to take care of them while their father is getting drunk, and their mother is resting.


Sarah is a dirty-blonde hair girl. Her eyes are blue and her hair is dirty-blonde. She looks somewhat to her mother. She is also 36.


She had a perfect life back when she was a child, until dating started. She went out with another man other than Donald, so he got angry and tried to break the two apart so he could have Sarah. Luckily, she hadn't known the trick by then, so she fell for it.When she was 30, she had seen him talk to one of his closest friends, and said, "I took em' apart, good golly it was hard."


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